Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Buffy the Cat Makes the Most of His Nine Lives

by Maggie Funkhouser

From taking swings on the green to box seats at baseball games, Buff the Cat is no ordinary feline. Traveling to new places and going on exciting adventures is what Buffy does best. Like no other cat, Buffy enjoys the constant change of scenery and learning new tricks.

Buffy the Cat loves to be at the center of attention, with all cameras focused on him. It’s a good thing his Dad, Paul Smulson, is there to capture every special moment from all angles. And thanks to Buffy’s BFF - Buff’s Fan Forever - Sandy Robins puts into words exactly what’s on this orange tabby’s mind.

Buffy will have you laughing out loud, awing over his cute antics, and at times, wondering with amazement how a cat would even be so calm and relaxed on such big adventures. Playing in the salty surf, no problem! Riding waves on a friend’s boat, just another weekend pastime. Busting bad guys with the Chicago P.D., Buffy’s the best detective on the beat.

It goes without saying, Buffy’s purrsonality definitely proceeds him; no wonder he receives the VIP treatment everywhere he goes! So it’s only fitting that Buffy is the purrfect spokescat for National Tabby Day happening on April 30th. Tabbies are after all the most sophisticated cats of the feline world … and Buffy effortlessly sets the bar high.

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