Monday, March 18, 2013

From the Desk of Louise Holton-- ACR President

Last week the Orlando Sentinel newspaper published an op-ed by Audubon’s editor-at-large, Ted Williams, giving explicit directions on how to kill outdoor cats.

Well after many people protested at this---poisoning animals is not only cruel, and prohibited in many states, and killing a domestic animal can be a felony—Audubon finally distanced themselves from this and said Williams is an “independent journalist”.

The flawed anti-TNR Smithsonian study was again used. What all these “environmental” groups have never grasped in the last 2 decades is that all their constant vilifying of cats has created millions of cat haters who will take the law into their own hands and go out and poison outdoor cats.

Or perhaps they do realize this and simply hate cats so much that they do not care. After all one of their own, Nico Dauphine, a scientist at the Smithsonian, was caught trying to poison feral cats in Washington D.C.

This is what we have been saying for many years at ACR: It does not help to constantly set the cat up as a scapegoat for our environmental ills. Without protecting birds from pesticides, habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, cutting down the rain forest, flying into tall buildings, and wind turbines and communication towers, we are not helping birds at all. The National Audubon Society itself says loss of bird habitat is the greatest threat to bird populations.

Many songbirds that nest in the United States spend their winters in Central America and the Amazon. Unless we change some of our own habits, and put an end to cutting down the rain forests, the songbirds are going to disappear, regardless of predation by cats. Most cats live in urban areas and urban birds are thriving. Birds adapt very well to living among humans, and thrive in our gardens, which create food and shelter for them. Many have obviously adapted to cats, or there would not be a “steady, strong increase” in urban bird populations.

This is what the State of the Birds 2009 Report showed: “The urban/suburban indicator, based on data for 114 native bird species, shows a steady, strong increase during the past 40 years, driven primarily by a small number of highly successful species.”

The offending paragraph has now been deleted. If you go to Peter Wolf’s Blog Vox Felina, he has downloaded the original paragraph.

Please send a letter to the National Audubon Society expressing your shock and outrage at this clear message to stir up hate and inhumane treatment towards cats.  You can contact them through their website: or write to them at 225 Varick Street, New York, NY 10014

And send a Letter to the Orlando Sentinel for publishing instructions on how to illegally kill cats. You can contact them here:,0,4041118.customform

The Sentinel now says: “We’re not in the business of telling people how to kill cats’”

A bit late for this, right?

Putting out poisons for cats endangers not only outdoor cats, but dogs, and other wildlife and even birds. Their hatred for cats in so intense, they forget that birds eat the food put out for cats and will ingest any poison as well.